Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance (CSIA)

We offer ski instructor qualifications from the Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance (CSIA). World renowned, highly respected and internationally recognised, these are the best qualifications for any aspiring ski instructor. The CSIA is the the governing body for professional ski instruction in Canada. Read more about the qualifications below.


CSIA Level 1

The Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance Level 1 qualification is a 3 day course that allows successful graduates to teach from beginner up to intermediate skiers. On this course you will be assessed on both skiing and teaching ability (you have to pass both); but don't worry, the CSIA course conductors are there to give you all the tools you need to be successful and the Simply Snowsports team will have whipped you into shape long before the Level 1!

This course includes classroom and online elements, as well as on snow training out on the mountain. The CSIA Level 1 is a professional qualification, conducted in fun and enjoyable atmosphere, with a lot of ski time.

CSIA Level 2


The Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance Level 2 is for CSIA Level 1 ski instructors who want to further their skills. Upon successful completion of this course graduates will be able to teach from beginner to advanced skiers at higher speeds and in a variety of terrain. Once again, both skiing and teaching abilities will be assessed.

This qualification is split up into a two day course, a two day assessment and several professional development modules. It is necessary to complete all of these requirements in order to have fully certified Level 2 ski instructor status. Here at Simply Snowsports with our inside knowledge of the CSIA, we are the only company that provides our clients with all they need to be a certified instructor (and not just a trained, like other course providers).

The CSIA Level 2 is a world renowned and globally recognised qualification and will allow you to work in many different countries worldwide!


Having more qualifications than the next person is always useful when you are trying to find employment in the ski industry. If you are looking to push yourself to get the most out of your season, then the Simply Snowsports crew will happily help to organise some additional courses wherever possible. Here are a couple that will spice up any CV and look good to future employers...


Do you enjoy the thrill of success and want to challenge yourself in a fun, safe race environment? The CSCF Level 1 course offers participants the opportunity to coach young athletes in alpine racing environments.


Over 3 days, participants will be exposed to and learn about ski racing, and will gain valuable knowledge of how to plan training days and challenge athletes. This course will teach participants how to carve a ski, search for speed, and build confidence to ski fast through a race course. The CSCF Level 1 is a great addition to any skiing CV.


If you love hitting the terrain park then this is a qualification for you! The CSIA snow park certification program qualifies successful candidates as freestyle skiing instructors, and allows them to coach freestyle skills in the park and around the mountain, up to and including the intermediate level.


This 3 day course is a lot of fun (although you may get a few bruises!) and will improve both your skiing and teaching skills in switch skiing, rail progressions, grab progressions and spin progressions.


Become a CADS instructor and learn to assist individuals with a disability to lead a richer and fuller life through active participation in recreational and competitive snow skiing. This course consists of Participation in a two day Instructor Training Clinic, including the indoor session, and Clinics cover 3 Track, 4 Track, Blind, Sitski, and the use of specialized equipment (8 hours) and an open book exam (1hour).


Become a part of enabling all people, regardless of level of ability due to injury or birth defect to enjoy the rugged beauty and pristine nature of the mountains through specially designed devices for people with disabilities. There are many reasons for taking this course, whether you are wanting to help a family member or friend get out on the mountain, to gain compassion for other’s challenges, or to achieve more diverse training when applying for work. Regardless of your reasons, you will come away with a first-hand sense of what obstacles people face, and your role in helping them conquer their hurdles.

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