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"It was hands down the best three months of my life."

Charlie Halpin - CSIA level 2 instructor

"Training to be an instructor with Simply Snowsports was an incredible experience for me and one that I will never forget. The level of instruction I received was the best I have ever had, turning me from a complete novice to a level 2 instructor in three months.

Jasper is an amazing town and everyone was really friendly and on top of that the snow at Marmot Basin being some of the best I’ve ever skied/boarded in. Jeremy and Ryan were very professional and patient during the lessons but also great fun to talk to and hang out with, often coming out with us for a few drinks and the end of the day.

Having five hours of lessons a day was fantastic and I still had plenty of time to ski by myself. I would recommend Simply Snowsports to anyone as it was hands down the best three months of my life."

Charly Halpin - Simply Snowsports Student

Charly Halpin - Simply Snowsports Student

Nick Hinde, CSIA level 2, CSCF level 1, CADS level 1

"Jeremy Badcock is an outstanding skier and Instructor.

As a mature student in a ski instructor training programme, Jeremy presented himself to me with integrity and professionalism. His knowledge of skilful skiing and patience supported me in passing a level 2 Ski instructor certificate of which I am working as today.

Thank you Jezz, you are a great mentor and I appreciate your continual development in me as a Skier and Instructor.

Ryan Petersen offers a magnitude of Skiing knowledge and abilities.

I was lucky to be coached by Ryan in 2012. What I liked the most was his respect for all the different levels of skiers. Ryan’s development and training skills opened a whole new world to my abilities as a skier."

Nick Hinde - Simply Snowsports Student

Nick Hinde - Simply Snowsports Student

Emma Malloy, CSIA Level 2 instructor

"Before I headed out for my season in Jasper I would have said that I liked skiing, however, when it came to leaving Jasper I could easily say I loved it. I am now counting down the days until I next hit the slopes.

Marmot basin has such a wide variety of terrain, breathtaking views, you could ski a run without seeing any other person. To top it all off you have no need to worry about queues, as most of the time there are none, so no need to worry about it eating into skiing time.

The instructor training was a lot of fun, it completely changed my style of skiing. What made it extra enjoyable was the instructor we had, Jezz. Jezz’s passion for skiing was obvious from the onset and it wasn’t long until we all felt the same way. He worked with us in groups, but also individually to get our skiing up to the best standards possible. Jezz also taught us how to be the best teachers we could be and taught us some important tricks of the trade. It doesn’t take long to realise how great a career in ski instructing is.

People who I went to Jasper with have already booked their flights to return to jasper this season and teach. I think one of the best things was how prepared we all felt for our instructor courses, although they seem a bit daunting, we had so much time on snow beforehand we were able to enjoy the courses as we did them, and the best thing is I can now say I am a CSIA level 2 instructor!

As well as skiing hard we also partied hard. Although not the biggest of towns jasper still has great bars and nightlife, many weekends would be spent at the local watering hole ‘downstream’ where we could have a few vodka slimes (my new favourite drink) and share our skiing accomplishments of the week. A great perk is everything is in walking distance, so if one places doesn’t take your fancy its easy to move onto somewhere else.

Jasper doesn’t only offer the perfect après ski spots but also fun recreational activities, such an ice skating rink, swimming pool and cinema. When you aren’t on the slopes there is always something to do. But one thing I loved the most is just how welcoming the town is, my time in Jasper felt like home, you get to know the locals, people who work on the mountain and those who work down in the town, Jasper is great for their hospitality."

Emma Malloy - Simply Snowsports Student

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