There are many beautiful destinations in Canada but none so pristine, natural and stunning as the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Jasper National Park.

A True Canadian Experience

Living in a National Park

Jasper is a true Canadian mountain town with a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere and great amenities. There are many major benefits of living in an actual Canadian town rather than a purpose built ski-in ski-out resort.

You will get to experience true Canadian culture; mixing with people born and raised in Jasper and the surrounding areas (not just season workers like in many other places) will enable you to get a real feel for Canadian traditions and past times, whilst learning what living in the mountains is all about.


The locals are active, outgoing and sociable. Jasper is a natural playground that dreams are made of. The majority of the population ski, snowboard, ice skate and cross country ski in the winter and hike, bike, climb and play sports all summer. You will never be short of conversation or a story to share on the chairlift or in the bar!

Cabin fever will never be an issue in a town like Jasper. If you don't wish to use your full season's pass to go skiing or snowboarding at the weekends, there are plenty of other options to keep your time as action packed as possible As well as the awesome skiing, snowboarding, outdoor activities and sightseeing the town has a massive amount of things to do.

Jasper Amenities

  • Sports & Fitness centre
  • Aquatic centre
  • Ice rink (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Climbing wall
  • Ice climbing, Dog sledding
  • Wildlife tours
  • Cross country skiing
  • Canyon walks
  • Cinema
  • Museums
  • Many pubs, clubs, coffee shops & restaurants
  • Post Office
  • Supermarkets, retail outlets, laundromats, health food shops

Night Life

Night Life in Jasper

We like a good après party at the end of a weeks training, and with our incredible deals with Jaspers many local bars and restaurants, we have thrown some legendary events over the years, some we can talk about...and some we probably shouldn't!

So it comes to the end of a long week of training and you are wondering what to do with your Friday night. Where's the aprés at?! Look no further, from pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants Jasper has it all.


Every Simply Snowsports student has a second home in the Downstream Lounge. Inside you will find a modern chilled out vibe with great food and amazing drinks. The owner and his highly experienced team go to great lengths look after Simply Snowsports students, they provide great discounts and have made everyone feel welcome over the years. Regularly they showcase live acts such as DJ's and bands, as well as throwing themed parties for the Simply Snowsports crew.

There are many other great bars and pubs with friendly owners in Jasper that you can explore. The legendary De'd Dog bar and grill has an old time pub feel and often great live music; Champs for all your chicken wing eating and karaoke needs; The legion for more great live music (remember to take off your hat!); and Jasper's 2 night clubs The Horseshoe and Athabasca for all the dance floor action you require.

Group in bar in Jasper


Wildlife in Jasper

Jasper National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and during your stay you will share the park with some fascinating and majestic creatures.

The local wildlife is definitely not tame by any means, however you will often see deer wondering through town and open the hotel door to be greeted by a huge elk! Some of the animals that you might see during your stay include:

  • Wolves
  • Deer & Elk
  • Coyote & Moose
  • Big horn sheep
  • Caribou
  • Mountain goats
  • Cougar & Marmots
  • Bears (in spring)

Living in a Canadian National Park amongst all its wildlife is a rare and privileged experience.

Sightseeing in Jasper

Maligne Canyon

Maligne Canyon is an incredible natural feature located in the National Park near Jasper. Eroded out of the Palliser Formation, popular for sightseeing and exploration, the area contains waterfalls and streams.

Flowing out of Medicine Lake, the Maligne River flows about 15 kilometres as a full size river, but very quickly disappears into the ground and, for most of the year, completely vanishes from the surface not far from the lake.


The smaller streams that feed the valley below that point rebuild the river by the time it reaches the top of the canyon. The river drops down the canyon and intersects the bedrock layers where an underground river flows. Also at this point numerous large underground streams join and greatly amplify the flow.

The underground river flow freezes in the winter to become an ice climbing Mecca. The river and canyon can be accessed in the winter only as it freezes over, so one can enjoy the beauty along the ice walk.

Star Gazing in Canada

Star Gazing

On March 26, 2011 the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) officially designated Jasper National Park a Dark Sky Preserve (DSP).

Encompassing over 11,000 km2, Jasper National Park became one of the world’s largest preserves and the only one with a town wholly within it.


A star gazing playground, this official status of Dark Sky Preserve gives Jasper the responsibility of protecting and promoting the nocturnal environment and clarity of the dark skies.

It also means supporting and encouraging public understanding of this natural wonder by creating activities and events to commemorate this natural phenomenon.

Icefields Parkway

The Athabasca Glacier is one of the six principal 'toes' of the Columbia Icefield, located in the Canadian Rockies. The glacier currently recedes at a rate of 2–3 metres (6.6–9.8 ft) per year[1] and has receded more than 1.5 km (0.93 mi) in the past 125 years and lost over half of its volume.

Due to its close proximity to the Icefields Parkway, between the Alberta towns of Jasper and Banff, and rather easy accessibility, it is the most visited glacier in North America. The leading edge of the glacier is within easy walking distance; however, travel onto the glacier is not recommended unless properly equipped with a guide.

Icefields Parkway

Dog Sledding

Climb aboard Canada’s oldest form of winter transport. What better way to venture deep into the heart of the Canadian Rockies then behind a team of enthusiastic and friendly Alaskan Huskies?

Each professional guide teaches you how to drive your very own dog team. You can be involved in driving, or sit back, relax, and take in the experience.

What we offer in Jasper...

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