Into the eyes of a bear

11th June 2015

The variety of stunning wildlife in the Canadian Rockies is incredible. The frequency at which you encounter these individuals in Jasper National Park is nothing short of astonishing. You may think it reasonable to believe that you won't see much wildlife during your ski or snowboard instructor course in Canada. However, even in the depths of winter there is rarely a day when you'll walk out of your front door and see nothing. Most days you'll be greeted by at least an elk or a deer...or whatever other critter decides to say hello that day.

This week our friendly neighbourhood landscape, wildlife and adventure photographer Rob Johnson has been out near Sunwapta Falls staring down a rather large bear. In his notes he tells us that 'patience' is the key to a great wildlife shot. However, with this beast moving towards me, I’m not sure I’d consider 'patience' the best word!

Even though there is plenty of wildlife year-round in Jasper, if you fancy spotting a bear then you'll have to visit Canada in the Summer. Why not get in touch and let us organise a bespoke holiday for you?

Cinnamon | Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park

Into the Eyes of a Bear

I found this charming Cinnamon Bear on a back road off highway 93 near Sunwapta Falls. It was more challenging than I thought to capture a full photo of him, as he had no plans on coming out of the deep dark bush. When it comes to Wildlife patience is the key to a great photo.

Fun Fact: Light coloured fur reduces heat stress in open sunlight and allows the bears to feed longer in open, food-rich habitats. The lighter coloured fur may also camouflage them from predators in those open areas.

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Based out of Jasper, Alberta, Canada, Robert specializes in landscapes, adventure and wildlife photography. Through Robert’s eye, one can see his admiration and appreciation of the wonders of the natural world. Each of his photographs captures a wondrous moment in time and is uniquely timeless.

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