Simply Snowsports guide to summer training

5th June 2014

Seven things to consider when starting a summer workout programme

Ever wonder what you should be doing to prepare yourself for winter sports? Be awesome next winter with the Simply Snowsports guide to summer training:

1. Rest

After a long winter on the slopes, it is important to give your body time to recover before embarking on your summer dry land training. A couple of weeks off will give you time to unwind, de-stress and bring you body back to 100% before starting your preparations for next year. During this time, things like stretching and foam rolling will help to loosen off any tight muscles.

2. Rehabilitation

Rehab rehab rehab! At this time of year it is key to be rehabilitating any injuries or niggles left over from last season. Starting your off season training with an injury can increase further injury risk, dramatically hinder your progress during your training sessions and contribute to injuries carrying forward into your next winter. Seek advice from a trained health professional and add appropriate rehabilitation exercises to your programme so that you can shred next season stronger, longer, better and faster.

3. Periodise your training

Whatever style of training you decide to choose, make sure it is a balanced programme aiming for peak performance for next winter. Rotating your training systems (e.g muscular endurance, hypertrophy, strength and power) will help you to consistently progress throughout the summer and avoiding frustrating performance plateaus.

4. Train at the right level

Train at the right level to progressively overload your own body throughout the summer. Just because a world cup athlete squats 250kgs on one leg, standing on a fit ball, wearing a blindfold, whilst chanting the alpine responsibility code before breakfast, doesn't mean that's how you should be doing it too! If you are unsure about your programme, consult a registered fitness professional.

5. Motivate yourself!

Winter is for maintenance of strength and fitness, summer is for gaining strength and fitness. Winter has gone, so shift up a gear in the gym! Gone are the days of 'going through the motions', set yourself goals and motivate yourself to give 100% every time you train – next season will be your best winter ever!

6. Nutrition

A nutrient dense diet is essential for achieving those all important gains in the gym. Eat right, eat healthily and eat appropriately to your training so as not to rob yourself of the improvements from all the hard work you are doing. Basically: eat well+ good training= awesome fitness progression.

7. Sleep makes muscles!

Did you know that one of the most anabolic things you can do is sleep? Well you do now! Get the best out of your training and build more muscle by getting a good nights sleep! Remember, rest and recovery are as important as hard work in the gym. Plan rest days into your programme and see the results on the snow next winter!

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