Athabasca River

Shining Sisters Athabasca River Valley

3rd March 2015

My final moments at Mt. Christie last week where definitely not what I expected. While looking for that ‘perfect shot’ I fell through the ice on the banks of the Athabasca River...

Now with one leg knee deep in freezing water I thought to myself “well I better hike back to the car before hypothermia kicks in”. As I made my way back I realized that the Dri-Wear socks and good boots I had on had done their job and I wasn’t as wet as I thought I would be.

Just then I saw that ‘perfect shot’ I had been looking for through an opening by the river bank. Goes to show that good gear and proper planning can help you get that stunning photo. Here is Mt. Christie and its fellow sister mountain peaks. Get Out and Explore.

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​​Based out of Jasper, Alberta, Canada, Robert specializes in landscapes, adventure and wildlife photography. Through Robert’s eye, one can see his admiration and appreciation of the wonders of the natural world. Each of his photographs captures a wondrous moment in time and is uniquely timeless.

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