My Ski Instructor Course

5th September 2017

"The Simply Snowsports ski instructor course changed me and made me grow into something I never was and never thought I could be..."

Gee. Where can I start? From the day, I met you all in the Lobby at The Whistlers Inn, to the day I left Alberta. You have all been absolute legends! Inspiring me and getting me thinking about how skiing works, going over certain things I didn’t quite get or when we were in training you always there to put me back on track if I was in another world. You have been the best teachers that I have ever had and this experience that I have had with you is one I will never ever forgot. The crew at Simply Snowsports and the people I have met from all over the globe has been a heart-warming adventure the whole way through the 5 1/2 months I was in Canada. From the first day, my goal was to do my level 3 in one season.

Getting set up to do my level 3 was a big task that I aimed and trained for the whole season! I got so much out of the 107 days of training with the crew, you could explain and demo things in so many different ways with no pressure at all in any situation, and your ways of teaching were tops, you didn’t just give the answer, you gave us something to focus on and would do lots of repetition on the focus in a certain terrain over and over again until we found the answer and were thrilled to find our performance increased.

Whether it was learning about the CSIA Terminologies or just simple skiing tactics and tasks it was all fun and everyday was completely different. You would do the same focus for a week or 2 but you would change up terrain and exercises to make it more fun and interesting but you know what? I really loved the challenge. You set me up with, you put me with the best people for my exams in Banff and Silverstar and made me feel prepared and ready wherever I went.

"I really loved your ethos of teaching people how to fix their own skiing."

Now I can Self teach myself when I ski and correct certain things as I go! This also taught me to work for the answer and to not just give up. Discovering something for yourself makes results stick. In these training days, I also did notes ‘most days’ which added up being about 104 days of notes 160 pages roughly. I am planning edit the notes and make a book. It will take time but I’ll let you know! Not sure as a title yet.

Whenever we would go out as a crew on a Friday night you would always make sure that we were all looked after and had a fun time! The Simply Snowsports team would always be doing enormous amounts of extra hours organising things or fixing up any issues. They are always on hand to help. Having the guys and girl that run the company on snow with you everyday really makes everything run smoothly. They don’t need to refer to head office if something needs changing and will always do the best for their guests.

But Jezz and the Simply Snowsports team, thank you. You have changed me and have made me grow into something I never was and never thought I could be.

"You made the impossible possible!"

One day you will come to Thredbo and do some outback skiing and teaching here, it’s a whole different experience in skiing in Australia, we love our skiing. We are all a big snow family and community here, ill look after you here and give you accommodation, plus introduce you to some of my friends here in the snow.

Anyone looking to do a ski instructor internship, gap year, career break or is looking for a bit of fun like I did don’t miss this awesome opportunity with some of the best people, partiers, and instructors in the world!

I’ll be back guys, can’t wait to see you all again miss all the chats we had and the skiing!

Zack Williams

Zack Williams - Ski Instructor Marmot Basin

Zack Williams - Ski Instructor Marmot Basin

Zack Williams - Ski Instructor Marmot Basin

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