11 Week Course Schedule

Below is an overview of the coaching program you’ll receive on the course. We are always adaptable to conditions and never miss out on a good POW day.

If it snows 50cms, we’ll probably be ripping the powder and working on how to manage waist deep snow! We work on all aspects of skiing from carving, steeps and bumps to short turns, trees and teaching, throughout the 11 week course.

Course Schedule

Resort Orientation: Discover Jasper

Upon arrival to Canada you will be met by Simply Snowsports on ground representatives. We always get really excited to meet everyone for the first time and welcome you to the team. We’ll transfer you to the hotel where you may choose to head out to the pub and socialise or just get a good nights sleep!

The next day we will show you around Jasper. We’ll stop at all the key places, and take you out for lunch so we can all get to know each other. You’ll get to meet key personnel such as your trainers and the ski and snowboard school directors. We’ll also talk about equipment and there’ll be a chance to purchase any equipment you require. We have great deals on ski and snowboard equipment set up for all of our clients.

Week 1: Training Begins

Ski training kicks off the day after your resort tour. We start with an on mountain orientation/tour so you know how to get around and as well as getting to know the safety features of the mountain. It also gives you an opportunity to get your ski legs back! We’ll learn some core skiing competencies this week and really start to work on your skiing in lots of different terrain. A really and enjoyable week where you can expect to see some major improvements you your skiing ability.

Week 2: Ski Instructor skills

Whilst working on your skiing we also start to learn the fundamentals of how to be a ski instructor. We work on how to become a leader, how to share knowledge, and how to form a safe and fun environment for your clients. You’ll learn the best practices to teach skiing and your confidence in your own abilities will grow.

Week 3: Exam prep & CSIA Level 1 course and exams

We have a 100% pass rate on all of our level 1 exams to date. As long as you listen to your trainers, you should be fully prepared to qualify as a Canadian Ski Instructor. To celebrate your success we all head for a night on the town. The level one party is always a blast!

Week 4: Carving

Level 2 training starts this week. An adrenaline fuelled race carving week. We push the speed and performance level up. Always so much fun!

Week 5: Short turns

You’ll become quick and agile this week as we shorten the turn radius. A core competency for the Canadian Level 2 ski instructor exam, we’ll do a lot of turns this week! You’ll work on having ‘fast feet’ so you can get in and out of any situation with ease.

Week 6:CSIA Level 2 course and All terrain module.

Both courses re required as a pre-requisite to take the Level 2 exam and become a certified ski instructor. This is a fun, no pressure learning environment, no tests. You also get two free ski days to put what you have learned into practice. You may also choose to shadow lessons in the snow school (available every weekend throughout the course).

Week 7: Bump and moguls

After a few days off at the end off week six we get straight back in the driving seat and learn how to take our skills into the bumps. A full on, but extremely rewarding week. We’ll have you shredding the rut line in no time!

Week 8: Freestyle and Freeride Training

Steep and Deep! We’ll get off piste, hit up the snow park and head to the challenging areas of the mountain. We’ll look for the best powder stash and maybe even hike a little. No matter what your starting level, our coaches will make you feel at ease in difficult terrain. By the end of this week you will feel confident enough to tackle any slope with style!

Week 9: Level 2 Ski instructor skills

Learn how to teach a skier from beginner to intermediate and beyond. We take the skills that we have learned over the past 9 weeks and learn how to use them to teach others.

Week 10 – CSIA Level 2 Exam preparation, Level 2 Ski Instructor Exam + Celebrations!

After a couple of days to revise what we have learned you will feel ready to take your CSIA Level 2 exam. The culmination of 10 weeks of training, you will be prepared. To date we have a 100% pass rate for all level 2 ski instructor exams. Success is not guaranteed, but if you work hard in training you should be able to ace it and finish up the week as a fully certified CSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor!

Week 11

Free ski week with time to fit in a Race coach, freestyle or adaptive qualification if you want. Always an awesome week with a party atmosphere. All pressure is off after your successful completion of the Level 2. You’ll wish you were staying for longer!

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